Activity, Everywhere

By Luke on May 28, 2011

We’re happy to announce another feature release so soon after last week’s: list, folder, and profile activity feeds.

Currently, we display all your collaborator’s activity in the notifications pop-out in the header. This gives you an amazing sense of awareness and allows for spontaneous, synchronous collaboration as you and your collaborators begin orbiting active tasks. It does, however, limit your focus to all task activity at once.

To help alleviate this issue, you’ll now find activity feeds in the secondary sidebar of lists, folders, and profiles. List activity feeds display all task activity (including your own) within the list as well as a handful of list-specific activity items; Folders simply display an aggregation of all activity from the contained lists; and user profiles include an activity feed displaying all the user’s activity from all tasks and lists you two share.

An activity feed for a folder of task lists.

We know you’ll find these new activity feeds as useful as we do.

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