Flow’s Pricing

By Jake on March 23, 2011

Update: As of September 2013 Flow's pricing has been revamped

Some of you have asked us for details about Flow's pricing, and we're happy to respond.

Flow accounts are individual and unlimited. You can always create as many projects and tasks as you need, and you can work with any number of collaborators. We think this is an important part of what makes Flow simple and flexible.

Flow offers both a $9.99 monthly subscription and a $99 annual subscription. There is no additional cost for the mobile apps, for email support, or for new versions.

You can also add multiple Flow accounts to your subscription, which is great for teams. Additional accounts cost the same, appear on the same invoice, and renew at the same time. The more accounts you pay for, the more you save:

  • 5+ accounts: 5% off
  • 10+ accounts: 10% off
  • 15+ accounts: 15% off
  • 20+ accounts: 20% off
  • 25+ accounts: 25% off

Update: We've simplified and increased our group discounts: Check them out here (Mar '11).

Collaborator View — Coming Soon!

We've also received questions about collaborating with someone who might not have a paid account. Each person you invite gets their own account and a free 14-day trial. If they don't subscribe, they will always be able to access Flow to view, complete, and comment on tasks to which you invite them and tasks you delegate to them. This collaborator view will be available soon.

Update: We've implemented the collaborator view: Learn more here (Apr '11).

Update: As of September 2013 Flow's pricing has been revamped

Flow won’t run on your browser. To deliver the best possible experience to our customers, we took advantage of the latest web technologies that aren’t supported by your browser. As such, we can only safely support the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Learn more at browsehappy.com.