Flow for iOS

Our iOS app delivers all the functionality of our web app right in the palm of your hand, making it easy to collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere. Catch up on everyone's activity, organize your work, and whip up new tasks.

Get it on the App Store
Get it on the App Store

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Flow for Android

Flow is now available for Android. Stay updated with push notifications, review your team's activity during spare moments, and jump in when you have something to say. Manage tasks and keep in touch while out of the building.

Flow for Macnew!

Our Mac app brings every aspect of Flow directly to your dock. Create new tasks, delegate to your team, and receive notifications as you work throughout the day.

Flow won’t run on your browser. To deliver the best possible experience to our customers, we took advantage of the latest web technologies that aren’t supported by your browser. As such, we can only safely support the latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Learn more at browsehappy.com.